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Our already expansive route to market is ever growing, from retail and wholesale, developing into new and strong markets


Retailers including amazon


Wholesalers such as amazon

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Silq Rose

‘The only thing I’m bringing to any occasion from now on! Such a perfect gift and tastes incredible’

Silq Rose

‘Tastes very nice, pink creamy vodka lovely for shots but nice in small glass with ice’

Cool Shot Carousel

‘These went down really well for a recent party, plenty to choose from, great value!’

Cool Shot Cocktail

‘Impressive and Delicious. Excellent item – great fun and loved by all. Really effective for the hen for set up and a cheeky shot before the wedding.’

Cool Shot Vodka

Great. Good price, sweet yet strong, fun gift idea & good value for money!’

Cool Shot Tequila

‘These were great. I brought these for a girlie BBQ and they went down a treat! Will definitely get again.’