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Calling Vodka Lovers

Prefer Vodka to Tequila or other spirits? Then we’ve got you! Silq Liqueurs are a unique twist with a delicious balance of flavoured cream and premium vodka.

Silq Rose bottle tilted

Let’s cheers and…
Drink it Pink!

At the heart of our brand is the iconic Silq Rose.
A strawberry flavoured vodka cream liqueur, name a better combo! From a sun-kissed strawberry field to your door, Silq Rose elevates every party, with fun-coloured delicious shots known to bring the vibes. “It’s PINK, good enough to drink” Sang by the queen herself, Lizzo.

Making the hours happy.

A 15% ABV of the perfect blend of luxury and happiness served perfectly chilled, over ice, or shaken into cocktails. It’s velvety texture and yummy taste makes it a perfect addition to any occasion, gift, or simply a treat for yourself. As smooth as silk, we’returning every sip into a memorable moment.

Silq Rose 5 Pack

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