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Our Brands

We are one of the UK's leading alcohol distributors with out miniature shot bottles being the UK's NO.1. We've strived to offer a diverse array of brands so there really is something for everyone


Lujo Tequila

Bringing the energy and redefining tequila

Why? Made to stand out. Born from tradition, raised to be different. A daring spirit with a modern viewpoint, we’ve combined the bold character of Tequila, with bursts of tantalising colours and flavours, creating a drink unlike anything else on the market.

Silq Rose

This one’s for
the Vodka lovers

We have developed a luxurious product, at a competitive price point, with a modern bottle design that is taking the market by storm. A modern vodka twist with nostalgic flavours, the perfect combination of innovation and tradition.

Silq Rose bottle
Cool shot mixed vodka shots 5 pack

Cool Shot


With over 14 million bottles sold annually in the UK alone, it's undeniably a crowd favourite. By embarking the Ready-to-Drink (RTD trend), we've successfully adapted to the ever changing marketing culture, allowing us to revolutionize.

Lujo Liqueurs

in a bottle

Our dedication to uniqueness and innovation drives us to explore new possibilities. Inspired by the laidback culture, rich heritage, and stunning architecture, we sought to create a drink that would pay homage to a country that continues to inspire unforgettable moments.

Bottle of Mango Tequila Cream Liqueor
Silq 5pack

Silq Liqueurs

A Modern

Fuelled by a desire to revolutionize the world of vodka, we work to blend cream liqueurs and premium vodka, with extraordinary yet nostalgic flavours. A modern twist that redefines the very essence of indulgence.