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Tequila Cream Liqueurs

Lujo was born out of our deep affection for the intimate and luxurious experiences that Spain has to offer. Inspired by the laid-back culture, rich heritage, and stunning architecture.

Spain Roof
Luxury in a bottle
Coffee and fruit
The gift of sophistication.

Lujo Cream Liqueurs embody the perfect fusion of cream and fine Tequila spirit, accompanied by an array of delectable flavours, Strawberry, Espresso, and Mango. With every sip Lujo enhances the senses
in a velvety embrace.

The perfect combination for those intimate moments that deserve to be celebrated
with sophistication and indulgence. Its precise craftsmanship ensures an unparalleled
level of quality that makes it ideal for marking those special moments in life.

3 people clinking glasses
This one’s for the intimate occasions.